Live Viewers Chart

Transform a Stream Deck button into a realtime viewer count display with the Status Indicator!

Status Indicator Example


  • In the Stream Deck software:
  1. Assign a Status Indicator button to your desired location
  2. Select your instance (optional)
  3. Set Type to Sparkline Chart
  4. Modify Chart Steps as desired. For simplicity, we will leave it as 16.
  5. Click the copy icon next to Button ID, we will need it in the next steps

  • In
  1. Create a new Action, we will call ours SD Viewer Status
  2. Add a new Sub-Action, Twitch -> Channel -> Add Viewer Count
  3. Add a new Sub-Action, Stream Deck -> Set Value
  4. Paste the Button ID copied from Stream Deck into the Button ID field.
  5. Set Value to %viewerCount%
  6. In the top tab bar, navigate to Settings -> Timed Actions
  7. Add a new Timed Action, we will call ours SD Viewer Count Update
  8. Set the interval, we will use 30 seconds
  9. Select the action you created in the previous steps
  10. Click OK!
Your viewer count will now be updated at the interval you selected!

Tips & Tricks

  • Internally, Twitch viewer count is only updated every 30 seconds, making it most performant to keep your timed action interval at 30 seconds or more.
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