Dynamic Icons

Dynamically update your button appearance with custom icons!

Dynamic Icon Example

This example will work with most button types, but we will be using an Action Button


  • In the Stream Deck software:
  1. Assign a Action button to your desired location
  2. Select your instance (optional)
  3. Click the copy icon next to Button ID, we will need it in the next steps

  • In
  1. Create a new Action, we will call ours Update Stream Deck Background
  2. Add a new Sub-Action, Stream Deck -> Set Background
  3. Paste the Button ID copied from Stream Deck into the Button ID field.
  4. Set Image to your desired icon, we will use
  5. (Optional) Enter a Color to modify the background color, we will use #333333
  • Return to the Stream Deck software:
    1. Select your instance and the newly created action to test it out directly from your Stream Deck!
  • When your action is executed, it will make the modifications to the Stream Deck button!
  • Tips & Tricks

    • Highly Recommended to use Icones.js to easily obtain icons (with color!) in the supported formats (URL, Data URL, or SVG)