• v0.1.21 or higher is required
  • Follow the steps below to allow your instance to communicate with the Stream Deck Software.

Enable Stream Deck Server

You must enable the Stream Deck server integration in

Navigate to Integrations -> Stream Deck to configure the server.

  • If you want to connect from another machine on your network, set the Host to

Click Start Server to ensure the integration is enabled and running.

Configure Instance

If you've installed the Stream Deck plugin, you should now see the category on the right-hand side of your Stream Deck Software. Keys

If you are having trouble finding the newly installed plugin, you may need to restart your Stream Deck software.

The first time you use the plugin, you will have no instances configured.

To configure your first instance, follow the instructions below:

  1. Drag a key to your desired slot in the Stream Deck Software
  2. Click the instance drop down to view your available instances
  3. Click Configure Instances to add a new instance
  4. Enter the host and port of your Stream Deck server integration in
  5. Click Save!
Your Stream Deck is now connected to your instance!

Migration Notes

This plugin has a new identifier, bot.streamer.streamdeck, allowing it to function side-by-side with the previous plugin, nate1280.streamerbot.

  • There is no direct migration path other than recreating buttons with the new plugin.
  • You do not need to delete or recreate your old buttons, unless you plan on uninstalling the old plugin.
  • If you keep both plugins installed, you will have two Action buttons available under, one for each version of the plugin.

When you are ready to uninstall the old plugin, you can follow the steps below:

Do not proceed unless you are sure you want to remove the previous plugin!
  • In the Stream Deck Software, right-click the old Action button and select Uninstall.
  • Alternatively, you can navigate to %APPDATA%/Elgato/StreamDeck and delete the nate1280.streamerbot.streamDeckPlugin folder.
  • Restart the Stream Deck Software