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Stream Deck Plugin

Official plugin to control from your Elgato Stream Deck

  • Execute actions on your instance
  • Configure custom arguments provided to your actions
  • Modify your Stream Deck buttons from
  • Push realtime data updates to your Stream Deck display
  • Support for dials and indicators on the Stream Deck +



What's included

Action Button

Execute actions on key press and/or release, with customizable arguments.

Action Switch

Toggle switch for executing actions depending on the current state.

Status Indicator

Send realtime data from to your Stream Deck display, with customizable charts!

Action Dial

Execute up to 6 separate actions with a
Stream Deck + dial control

Control Dial

Control a action with a
Stream Deck + dial indicator


Explore the Possibilities

Status Indicator ExampleLive Viewers Chart

Transform a Stream Deck button into a realtime viewer count display.

Dynamic Icon ExampleDynamic Icons

Dynamically update your button appearance with custom icons!

Bitrate Status Preview (Green)Live Bitrate Status

Display your OBS bitrate in realtime!

Ad Control Dial PreviewAd Control Dial

Take complete control of your Twitch ad-breaks with this dial example!

Viewer Dial PreviewViewer Control Dial

Configure a Stream Deck + dial to browse current viewers and dial-press to ban!